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Revolutionary Unmanned Aircraft System/drone technology allows all types of precision sensors, from visual and infrared cameras to LiDAR distance-measuring tools, to be placed in optimum data gathering locations quickly, at low risk and low cost. Collected data can be quickly analyzed, interpreted, and reported. Leveraging this flexibility, the Unmanned Experts team can plan and perform a full range of UAS projects customized for your enterprise.

Our mission planning teams study your assets, inspection parameters, and data requirements.  Then they develop a solution package of UAV platforms, sensors, flight requirements, and data processing and delivery workflows to acquire and deliver the information you desire.  Working with your teams, we perform field data acquisition through appropriate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flights.  We ensure that flight planning and execution are productive, legal, and focused on safety.

Progressive companies with substantial, widely-distributed assets like railroads, power distribution stations, and natural gas facilities are realizing that they can no longer ignore the powerful efficiencies and new data sets available with UAS technology.  DOT agencies are discovering that transportation infrastructure inspections using UAVs can provide levels of detail equal to close-up photos.  Inspections that have required humans to climb around towers and bridges, putting them at risk, are being augmented, and even replaced, by carefully executed UAV data-gathering flights that are safer, faster, and less-expensive.

Beyond inspections and mapping, our clients ask us to apply UAS technology to other frontiers. We have been tasked with: flying methane detectors over gas wells; flying a drone while live-transmitting its position to a NASA-run drone-tracking database; and flying above an Army exercise while transmitting live images of a conflict area to a command center.  We welcome projects that push the boundaries of UAS applications.

Public safety agencies have been valuable long term partners of Unmanned Experts.  Several members of our leadership team are current and former members of law enforcement.  We help public safety agencies deal with federal, state and local regulations; aircraft registrations; public Certificates of Authorization (COAs); Section 333 exemptions; Part 107 certificates and operations and safety rules to get UAVs into public service safely and legally.

Recent Inspection, Corporate and Agency UAS Projects:

This is a professional grade UAS being flown by an operator to inspect a railroad bridge.

Minnesota DOT UAV Bridge Inspection Demo Project:

Noting the potential of UAVs to assist bridge inspections, the Minnesota Department of Transportation conducted a demonstration project that featured the inspection of four different bridges with a UAV provided and flown by an Unmanned Experts crew. The MN DOT concluded that UAVs could be used as a tool to assess bridge conditions in accordance with the National Bridge Inspection Standard.  It recommended that UAVs should be considered for routine inspections to increase safety for inspection personnel and the traveling public. See the report here.

Power Generation:

A power generation company commissioned UMEX to map a power plant with a 2500 acre footprint.  We used a fixed wing Altavian UAV for much of the mapping; we used an AscTec Falcon 8 to inspect the smokestacks; and we used an Aeryon SkyRanger to do an infrared mapping of a transformer substation and capture images used to estimate the volume of coal stored at the site. Finally, the Altavian was used to inspect the railroad track spur leading to the plant.

Drone pilot ready to launch UAV

Heavy LiDAR Payload in a Remote Area:

Recently a client asked UMEX to survey the site of a large and remote hydroelectric installation. The data collector payload for the UAV was a heavy LiDAR device which measures distance with laser beams. We mounted the LiDAR on our custom-built, heavy-lift MOAC octocopter and completed the surveying of the hydroelectric facility and 50 adjacent acres in half a day.

UAS defence system

Anti-UAS Defense System (AUDS) Support:

As part of the FAA’s “Counter-UAS Pathfinder Initiative (“Pathfinder 4”), our Colorado-based partner Liteye Systems, developer of a highly effective, deployed AUDS system, has been tasked with demonstrating the AUDS system to government and airport agencies. UMEX has been commissioned to support those efforts by flying unannounced “red team” drones into surveillance areas for AUDS detection demonstrations.

UAV being used to inspect road acident

Comparing Traditional and UAV-augmented Accident Investigations:

Unmanned Experts partnered this Spring with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to compare the accuracy of drone measurements of an accident scene with traditional, ground based measurements. A mock accident was created and measured first by ground-based techniques, and then by a drone flying a data-gathering pattern overhead. UMEX calculated that the drone, when using evidence ground targets, had point accuracy averaging under 3.5 centimeters. This suggested that drone-based investigations could be adopted by law enforcement agencies that are fast, legally sound, and far safer than leaving officers in or near traffic while investigating accidents.

AHC logo

Agency Partnerships:

Unmanned Experts works with industries and agencies keenly interested in the potential of drone applications. Recently UMEX was a presenter in a webinar sponsored by partner All Hazards Consortium, a public agency with 15,000 members dedicated to helping businesses and public agencies recover from disasters.

UAV used for video production

Comprehensive Video Production:

An agency commissioned UMEX to produce an entire commercial featuring interior, exterior, and aerial shots.  UMEX storyboarded the commercial; identified the locations; did all shots, including aerial “look down” shots, on schedule, and delivered a complete video package to the client.


  • Highway and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Power Generation and Distribution Facilities
  • Oil and Gas Facilities and Pipelines
  • Vertical Assets: Wind Turbine, Cellular, and Radio Towers
  • Mapping and survey production
  • Public safety, law enforcement, and fire management programs
  • Aerial and terrestrial video production
  • AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System) drone-detection flight support
  • Corporate UAS program planning
  • Mission planning and supervision
  • Safety and regulatory training and evaluations
  • FAA rules consultations: COAs; Section 333; Part 107
  • Government, academic, commercial research
  • UAS commercial insurance qualification and selection

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