RT&S Magazine: Giving The Railroad Industry A Bird’s Eye View

By February 14, 2017 No Comments

 “Unmanned aerial vehicles may seem out of reach to some, but the devices could soon become another option in the MOW [maintenance of way] toolbox, affecting the industry’s safety, inspection, maintenance, and spending tactics.”  That’s from February’s edition of RT&S (Railway Track and Structures Magazine), which featured an article discussing how UAVs are being embraced in the railroad industry. Unmanned Experts’ rail industry advisor Dennis Wierzbicki was quoted several times in the article.  He pointed out that “Essentially, any part of a bridge that you would inspect with a human being and/or with a truck or other types of equipment, you can do with a UAV.”

This is a professional grade UAS being flown by an operator possessing an FAA issued Remote Pilot Airman Certificate with Small UAS Rating.  Image Courtesy Unmanned Experts

The article continues: “As for the future of UAVs in the railroad industry, Wierzbicki believes the unmanned aircraft will be considered as a normal part of the railroad bridge inspection relatively soon.”  Download the article here.