Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Training

Start 2018 by Earning Your Commercial Drone License!  The next Unmanned Experts Drone Training (FAA Part 107) Course is January 15 in Denver, Colorado.

Future Academy Course Dates: February 12, March 12!

The official FAA commercial drone license is called the “Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.” If you fly a drone for compensation, you must have this license.  You earn it by passing the FAA drone knowledge test.  The test topics are not difficult to master, but they require dedicated study and the help of a knowledgeable training team.

Also, the Remote Pilot Certificate does not require a practical skill demonstration regarding drone flight and control. We believe an introduction to drone flight is essential for anyone preparing to evaluate and operate drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, professionally and safely in commercial settings.

At Unmanned Experts, we’ve designed our highly lauded one week “Part 107 Academy” in Denver to give our students the highest chance to pass the FAA drone test and get a solid introduction to basic drone flying skills – with no prior experience required!  Since we began offering the course in September of 2016, all of our students have passed the drone test!

NEXT Part 107 Academy course: January 15 – 19 in Denver, Colorado!

Registration is open now!  Reserve your seat and get access to the online prep course!

Full details are on the Part 107 Academy signup page.  Click here for the signup page.

FUTURE Part 107 Academy course dates: February 12 – 16; March 12 – 16

Are you involved in these industries: real estate; property management; insurance adjustment; agriculture; power transmission and distribution; oil and gas field services; mining; wind turbines; or state and county services contractors?  Then you know: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs, or drones – are revolutionizing your business.  This may be the opportunity prepare yourself for the future!  Get ready now!

Employers and public agencies: Are you developing your own UAS “Unmanned Aviation Systems” program? In your program you will need knowledgeable and licensed UAV pilots. One third of our Academy students are sponsored by their employers. We are happy to welcome your employees to the class who will lead you into the drone era.

WHAT YOU GET with the Unmanned Experts Part 107 Academy class registration:

–Online Part 107 Prep Course: 10 modules; about 12 hours of study (access: 1 year)
–Part 107 Regulations and Theory Review Class – 8 hours
–UAV Systems and Procedures Introduction – 8 hours
–Introduction to UAV flight – two days
–A registered seat to take the Part 107 UAG (Commercial Drone) Exam (the $150 FAA exam fee is included)
–Certificate of Training: Part 107 Academy (worth $100’s in potential insurance discounts)

You get all the above for a course fee of $1395 (which includes the FAA test fee).  PLUS: Test Success Promise: we’re so confident that you’ll pass the FAA test during this course, that if you don’t, we’ll PAY the fee for you to retake the test within 30 days!

The course is presented in the “Tech Center” area of Denver, Colorado, near a cluster of hotels. (About half of our students are from out-of-town.)  There are two days of classroom instruction, two days of flight instruction, and a morning dedicated to taking the 107 test. Students finish around 1 PM on Friday. More details will be sent upon registration.

Veterans – Active Duty Military – Law Enforcement – Public Service Employees: Welcome!  You’re eligible for a $100 course discount. Email us at training@unmannedexperts.com to request details.

Here’s what our Part 107 Academy graduates say:

“The training from Unmanned Experts exceeded my expectations as a new drone pilot. I highly recommend their week-long hands-on program if you are pursuing the FAA Part 107 certification. Good combination of classroom instruction, online coursework, and indoor and outdoor flight training. Well done, UMEX!”  – J. K., March 2017

“Unmanned Experts provided me with the tools I needed to become not only a successful pilot but also a business owner. I have recently turned my hobby into a profession because of the tools that Unmanned Experts provided me. When I walked into the FAA exam center I knew I was going to pass because that how prepared I felt.“ – O. B., May 2017

“I spent a week with an Unmanned Experts instructor that culminated in the receipt of my FAA Part 107 license to operate my drone commercially. Both the classroom time to master the FAA requirements and time spent learning to fly a drone were invaluable. My instructor is an experienced aircraft and drone pilot who is well versed in all the factors that one needs to know to legally fly a small unmanned aerial vehicle.” – S. B., July 2017

Here’s why the Unmanned Experts Academy should be your choice for preparing for the FAA drone exam:

  • Experienced team – we’ve been teaching this course since the Part 107 rules were announced in August 2016
  • Student success – all of our graduates have passed the Part 107 knowledge test
  • All backgrounds welcome – we’ve trained realtors, photographers, transmission line workers, entrepreneurs – you name it!
  • Affordable – get the online, classroom, flying and FAA test bundle for one very competitive price (and it’s a business expense!)
  • Discounted fee – for military, public service members
  • Test Success Promise – if you don’t pass the FAA test during the course, we’ll pay your $150 fee to retake the test (within 30 days)!

Grab your seat now!  Join the drone trailblazers: the entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers who will lead the adoption of unmanned aircraft technology!  Click here for the Part 107 Academy Registration page.  

Can’t take the Academy course in January? Here are more course dates: February 12 – 16    March 12 – 16

*Classes may be rescheduled or canceled due to operational necessities. Best efforts will be made to meet student needs, or appropriate refunds will be provided.

Questions?  Write us at training@unmannedexperts.com! 

Questions we get about the FAA Drone License:

Is it hard to pass the Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft General (drone) test?
Not if you commit yourself to doing the course work! The FAA’s Part 107 basic regulations are straight-forward and easy to grasp. The additional topics on navigation, aerodynamics and weather are roughly equal to basic lectures from high school physics and geography. The topics on human factors and crew management would be familiar to anyone who’s been part of a team. And the Academy agenda includes taking several practice tests to check your progress and find subjects to revisit. If you keep your focus, you’ll be well-prepared for the test on the last day!

Do I need any drone experience to be successful at the Part 107 Academy?
No! You just need to be committed to doing the coursework and participating in the class lectures and flight training. It’s helpful to have some drone experience, but not necessary. About one third of our students have never touched a drone before they start the class.

What drones do you teach with? Can I bring my own drone?
We introduce drone flight techniques with simple DJI Phantoms that do not have live video feeds. Depending on interest, some students might try our DJI Inspire 1. We encourage any students who own their own drone to bring it as the Academy provides an excellent opportunity to practice with it.

Can’t I just take an online Part 107 study course to prepare for the FAA test?
Of course – and that’s a good solution for some people who don’t have the time or funds to invest in a nearly week-long course. We even offer the online portion of our Part 107 Academy as a standalone course for those who just want self-paced online study. But those who can make the investment in the Academy enjoy these benefits: 1) they are part of committed team and study group that supports each others’ learning; 2) they get exposure to safe drone flight management by learning to fly simple drone missions; 3) they earn a UMEX course certificate that can qualify them for discounts on their commercial liability insurance, and 4) they have an excellent chance of going home with an FAA test passing score that will let them activate their Remote Pilot Certificate as soon as their results get into the FAA pilot registration system.

Is there a big demand now for drone pilots?
The drone – UAV industry is young and the demand for pilots/operators is fluid, but it is steadily rising as companies embrace UAV benefits. Many newly-minted drone pilots are starting businesses with low barriers to entry – primarily airborne and real estate photography. Those areas can be very price-competitive. Our graduates who seem to be getting the most early traction from their UAV licenses have focused firmly on a drone specialty – such as harbor/seaborne photography or extreme sports video work – with thoughtful business and brand-building plans. Other are targeting the needs of industry and move on to study mining or agricultural services. And one third of our students are in companies that want to embrace UAS technology, and as new Remote Pilots, they immediately become part of the company UAS teams developing corporate UAS programs.

Click here for the Part 107 Academy Registration page.

ONLINE Part 107 Online Prep Course (PT107OL).  With the FAA’s release of CFR Part 107, a whole new generation of budding commercial UAS operators can now legally take to their controllers and use drones in their professional pursuits. This course has been developed specifically for preparing new drone pilots to prepare for and pass the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot exam through online self study.  (This course is included in the Part 107 Academy class described above.)  Course information here.

Let us help you meet your UAS training objectives by developing a custom classroom or online course for your organization.