Part 107 Drone License Study Courses: Online or In Class

Earn Your Commercial Drone License!  Our Partners Offer Two Training Approaches, Depending On Your Needs

The official FAA commercial drone license is called the “Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.” If you fly a drone for compensation, you must have this license.  You earn it by passing the FAA drone knowledge test.  The test topics are not difficult to master, but they require dedicated study and the help of a knowledgeable training team.

We have found that candidates for the Remote Pilot Certificate like having options for preparing to take the Part 107 exam.  Depending on personal schedules and resources, some candidates prefer to subscribe to an online Part 107 preparation course and study at their own speed, and for them, hands-on training is not a priority.  Other students want to commit to a firm and focused one week course that includes regulations and theory and two days of UAV basic flight instruction.  We recommend two courses that support these different approaches:

The Part 107 Online Prep Course is offered by Praxis Aerospace. This course has been developed to get new drone pilot candidates through the ground school, test preparation, and FAA exam.  Modules feature all major knowledge categories including regulations, airspace, aerodynamics, and weather. A large resource library including practice tests is included.  Course length is roughly 15 hours over 10 modules.  For full course information and registration, click here.

The Part 107 UAS Seminar is offered by Aeon Unmanned in Denver, Colorado.  This four and a half day course is designed to prepare the rookie UAV pilot candidate to take the Part 107 exam on the final day and get a solid introduction to basic UAV flight.  Two classroom days focus on regulations and theory and two days feature UAV flight training.  On the last morning, students are scheduled to take the FAA Part 107 knowledge exam.  For full course information, schedule, and enrollment, click here.