Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Training

Gain from Our Experts’ Experience!  Upcoming Classes: Part 107 Academy, Denver: July 10-14, July 31-August 4, August 28-Sept 1


As the business opportunities in the unmanned aircraft vehicle category explode, the need for qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the field is also exploding.  Thus there is a growing demand for training and courses focused on all aspects of the UAS industry.

Unmanned Experts is an industry leader in the creation of both standard and customized training in all areas of UAS applications.  We have designed and presented UAS courses focused on all areas of professional UAV activities, from FAA Part 107 certification to law enforcement UAV deployments to cell tower inspections.  Unmanned Experts course certificates can earn our graduates discounts on their UAV liability and aircraft insurance policies.

Part 107 Academy, 5 days, Denver, Colorado. Our most popular course. 100% of our graduates have passed the Part 107 test! July starts our sixth course offering. Designed for UAS/Drone novices who want to pass the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate Exam and be qualified to fly drones commercially.

The Part 107 Academy includes an online preparatory course, in-class reviews of tools, rules and regulations, introduction to drones, two days of flying, and taking the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate test at an FAA test facility. It’s a great environment for getting your Part 107 Certificate and it provides a solid foundation on drone characteristics, uses, and regulations.

“The training from Unmanned Experts exceeded my expectations as a new drone pilot. I highly recommend their week-long hands-on program if you are pursuing the FAA Part 107 certification. Good combination of classroom instruction, online coursework, and indoor and outdoor flight training. Well done, UMEX!”  – J. K., March 2017

Summer Part 107 Academy sessions:
July 31 – August 4  (Registration opens July 12)
August 28 – September 1 (Registration opens August 2)
For complete information, pricing, and registration: see the course signup here.

ONLINE COURSES.  To make training resources conveniently available to the UAS community, Unmanned Experts has created a comprehensive set of UAS-focused courses online.  Thus anyone can pursue them, anytime, at their own speed.  These courses are thoughtful, detailed, and engaging.  They’ve proven to be a popular starting point for aspiring UAS professionals and a good refresher for those operating in the UAS arena.  See the Unmanned Experts Online Course Catalog here.

ONLINE FAVORITE: Part 107 Online Prep Course (PT107OL).  With the FAA’s release of CFR Part 107, a whole new generation of budding commercial UAS operators can now legally take to their controllers and use drones in their professional pursuits. This course has been developed specifically for preparing new drone pilots to prepare for and pass the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot exam through online self study.  It is included in the Part 107 Academy class described above.  Course information here.

Group of students being trained to fly UAV


For this client, Unmanned Experts created and presented a three day ground school plus fieldwork course meeting these objectives.  It was designed provide the department team with the tools to understand which platforms are useful in their environments, what the legal hurdles are for deployment, and how to apply for the appropriate authorizations.  Cost of course preparation and presentation was designed to meet the client’s budget. Course events included:

  • A complete guide to use cases of drones in emergency management
  • A practical discussion of real-world benefits and issues with UAS usage
  • A review of available sensors, payloads and capabilities
  • Reviews of all federal, state and local regulations for UAS deployment
  • Hands-on UAV drone flight demonstrations
  • Run-through of a mock UAV deployment exercise.

Let us help you meet your UAS training objectives by developing a custom classroom or online course for your organization.