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UAS Flight School, Training Courses & Drone ‘Certification’

Unmanned Experts offers the best UAS and drone pilot school in our expanding industry. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are no longer limited to military applications, and the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by hobbyists, law enforcement, and corporations is swelling. That translates into a critical, growing need for properly trained pilots.

Our training programs have been built into a ‘Tier’ system which allows you to take the training most appropriate to your level of expertise and desired use of the aircraft and sensors.

TIER 1: Hobbyists & Amateur Flyers.

Whether you are have just bought a drone and have never flown one before, or you want to develop your skills in a team environment, Unmanned Experts and the Roswell Flight Test Center have produced the perfect 2.5 Day Boot Camp package under our Be Flight Ready program to put you on the right track to safe and successful droning, taking you from novice to confident and competent pilot in days. You’ll learn everything from flight basics such as physics, aircraft mechanics, and proper pre-, in-, and post-flight procedures to ethics, safety, FAA rules, and more. This class will also qualify pilots for insurance through leading aviation brokerages. These courses run over long weekends every month and are moving around the US (and soon overseas). Click the button above to see when and where the next course near you is. Sign up is right on the site and attendees will get FREE access to our online Initial Qualification Training course (worth $400) to prepare you for the next step. See you in class soon.

TIER 2: Prosumers and Commercial Start-ups.

If you have ‘seen the light’ and understand the tremendous commercial good that UAS can provide, as well as the incredible market that is unfolding, then Unmanned Experts and the Roswell Flight Test Center have produced the perfect 7 Day Academy training package for you. Under our Be Flight Ready program, we will provide you with the tools and the talent to produce a successful, legal and safe commercial UAS program. Our seven-day Course combines the Boot Camp information with full instruction on the art of Aerial Photography & Videography and also qualifies pilots for insurance through our leading aviation brokerage partners. This course is for the wedding photographers, golf course overfliers and media camera-persons as well as every one of the myriad at-home-drone-fliers that now want to take the next step. These courses run for 7 straight days (Monday to Sunday) every month and are moving around the US (and soon overseas). Click the button above to see when and where the next course near you is. Sign up is right on the site and attendees will be given FREE access to our online Initial Qualification Training course (worth $400) which is designed to prepare you for commercial operations in the National Airspace.

TIER 3: Industrial, Government and Inspection Service Providers.

If you require a hard-hat or a uniform to go to work and you are bringing UAVs into your sphere then Unmanned Experts has a specific set of courseware for your company. We have teamed with specialists in Public Safety, Law Enforcement, HAZMAT and Infrastructure Inspections to produce a series of training events that allow for safe, accurate and cost-effective data collection via UAS in a significant number of areas:

Power & Gas Transmission Inspections

Forensic Accident Scene Reconstruction

Mapping, GIS and Photogrammettry

Law Enforcement Tactical Operations

Bridge Inspections

Cell Tower Inspections

Oil & Gas Facility Inspections

Under our Tier 3 Training Program program, we will provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to integrate UAS into your workflows and current practices. Safe and legal operations are paramount and our instructors will walk your team through regulations, waiver applications, operations manual production, safety management system integration as well as the art of data collection. The Tier 3 courses run for 5 days (Monday to Friday) and are scheduled according to requirements. Our training team are able to travel to your site, both within CONUS and overseas, and provide the requisite skill sets and support upon request. Click the button above to request a consultation and schedule the training.

Choose Unmanned Experts for Drone/UAV Pilot Training

Why should you choose Unmanned Experts for your drone pilot school? The answer is simple: You will not find a higher caliber of UAS and RPAS experts anywhere in the world. Our UAV flight school courses can train pilots for any application, from hobby flight and commercial photography to government agency tactical operations.

Unmanned Experts is a growing, independent team of highly motivated UxS experts with over 25,000 flying hours on UAS operations and programs as well as more than 35,000 flying hours on manned aircraft.

Most of our experts are former military and include UAS pilots and operators, mission commanders, engineers and maintenance specialists, imagery analysts, and more. Our UAV flight school’s award-winning instructors and evaluators know and work with many different UAS platforms and have extensive experience in UAS training system design and implementation.

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In addition to drone pilot school, Unmanned Experts offers training to prepare corporations or government agencies to implement UAS employment, including maintenance, logistics, mission planning, payloads, multi-aircraft control, imagery analysis, and much more. We also train operators in Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), turning them into qualified ISR instructors at the end of our four-week course. Whatever your UAV school needs, Unmanned Experts has the expertise and capability to train you.

We are headquartered in Colorado, USA, with a flight training center nearby For more information, you can contact us by email, phone, fax, or by filling out our online form, and one of our consultants will get back with you right away.