Unmanned Technologies RDT&E Services

Unmanned Experts Inc. specializes in researching, developing, testing, and evaluating (RDT&E) unmanned technologies. 

UMEX is a subject matter specialist in the fields of unmanned traffic management Washington DC, swarm intelligence Washington DC, swarm robotics Washington DC, etc.

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Advanced Technological Solutions

We hold an unparalleled knowledge of the civilian, defense, commercial, and para-public UxS operational uses. 

Unmanned Experts Inc. is a leader in originating and conducting RDT&E in unmanned technologies. We also specialize in integrating new technologies such as cutting edge designs in unmanned traffic management, artificial swarm intelligence, swarm robotics, aircraft systems, etc.

We are also a provider of subject matter expertise in robotic planning and operations in Washington DC.  

If you are looking for a reliable Washington DC UTM service provider, then please feel free to contact us. We can meet all your technology needs.

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